What’s The Best Recurve Bow?

My name is Jake, welcome to my site! I am a certified bow instructor, I have been training people for over 20 years  and tried all the bows on the market. My personal favorite is the recurve bow.

There are so many recurve bows on the market and I know it’s difficult to pick up the best one. All of them seems to be the ‘best one’ at the first look.

In my experience each bow is unique and all depends on the archer’s preferences and skills.

Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow Review

This is the bow for you if you are interested in shooting but not spend loads of money but still have quality equipment.

It is a great bow that is used by both beginners who are just looking to practice and experienced hunters.

This bow comes in 3 parts: the 2 limbs and the middle grip. It was very east for me to break down and pack it. Even my 5-year old could put it together. I really like how portable  Martin Jaguar made this recurve bow.

The aluminum raiser is very solid.

The limbs are made of glass and are of very good quality.

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Features I like

  • High quality
  • Great Shooting Bow
  • Easy to break down and pack
  • Solid
  • Inexpensive

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Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Review

The Samick Sage is another outstanding bow. It is an excellent all-purpose bow. You an use it for target practice, hunting etc.

It is one of the fastest traditional bows around, rivaling some very high/expensive end bows.

Samick Sage is very portable. It can break into 3 pieces that require very little effort to assemble or disassemble even for novices.

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Features I like

  • Very smooth draw
  • Easy stringing using the step-through method
  • Minimum Hand Shock
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Standard ports for balance & arrow rest attachments
  • Highly accurate/consistent with a brush capture rest or whisker biscuit rest

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PSE Razorback Recurve Bow Review

Easy to take apart – the limbs connect to the riser with one large screw each and do not require a screwdriver to insert.

I strongly recommend this bow as well. The PSE Razorback recurve bow has been an excellent choice for us. My students feel very comfortable and confident with it.

The bow has interchangeable limbs making it very easy for left-handed people to use. I can switch out the limbs and try different weights.

The PSE Razorback works very well for student children and adults. It is an excellent first bow choice.

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Features I like

  • High-quality riser – More bows should have this by default
  • It has a fine string – my only problem with it is that after some time it starts to wear away at the string where your arrows are nocked. Although really, this only helps, because you can always see where to put the nock.

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Top 3 Tips To Choose The Best Recurve Bow

Tip 1. When we try to find the best bow, we must think and take a look at the components of the bow: the riser, the limbs, comfort of the grips, types of the strings. All these elements must be done using the best materials.

Sporting-InfographicTip 2..We must take care about the vibration of the bow. Vibration is very important because it can send the arrow near the target. So, we need bows with little vibration.

Tip 3.We must think of how long we’ll use the bow. For beginning bows, we must think if it will be good enough for us after we’ll get more and more experience and we’ll have a higher skill level.From this point of view, the cheap bows must be take-down, with new stronger limbs to help to increase the draw weight.

We only take in consideration the best quality bows on the market based on our years of research.

-You must know that hunting recurve bow is best suited for target practice.
-Usually, you must know larger arch shout better than small arch.
-You need to take care of limbs quality.This is the most working part of the arch.It is better for you to choose a recurve bow with a fiberglass and carbon limbs ( because they are not at all affected by hummidity,temperature or any other weather conditions.)